Bandit Tech
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I haven’t played video games for long, but for the past few years I can safely say the darn things have taken over my life. I love them. You start with nothing, but you have a goal. Be it slaying the final boss, freeing the princess or 360 no-scoping. You practise and accumulate the loot and skills you need to complete your goal. Sometimes your journey is with a companion or group, other times you go it alone. But I think the main thing I love is that when you fail, you can try again.

Sometimes I feel life is a bit like this. There are times when your goal seems clear and you can gain the skills you need to get it. Some may be grinding levels or framing to get to the next stage. Other times you’re lost in a sandbox world, not really sure where to go or do next. The choices you made all play a part in what your ending will be. But the important thing isn’t to give up, even if there is no real ending in sight yet. There may be not life-restart, but if you fail at something the first time, you can damn well try again. Find the right guides, get the equipment and you’ll be on your path.

I’m writing this for myself, as a reminder: It may feel like you’re going nowhere right now, that you’ve glitched yourself into a place you can’t reach out of. But you can’t get to a level you haven’t unlocked yet. Keep grinding them levels and farming for that loot. You’ll get there. 

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I don’t know how light and windows work. OH WELL.

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